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Born in New Bedford, MA and raised in Miami, FL, I've learned to celebrate every aspect of diversity; from genetics to artistic mediums. Working both digitally and physically, I aim to break barriers and discuss taboo topics via animation, sculpture, painting, drawing, coding, writing, and using many more powerful creative devices. Having graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth in May of 2019 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Animation & Game Arts with a concentration in sculpture, I'm now working towards a Masters degree in Art education. I'm a middle school art teacher looking to expand my practices to the rest of the world. I believe it's important to maintain the energy to be a positive team asset who works hard to uplift and inspire the whole. My main artistic inspirations deal with neurodiversity, music, energy, nature, deep & abstract emotions, social justice issues,  the paranormal, and the unknown.

words as weapons

Sometimes I write to release and express abstract thoughts and ideas. This blog is sort of an unstructured mash-up of poetry and educational posts. Check it out here. 


looking to commission or collaborate?

Let's work together to create something cool. Click here for my contact information.

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